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Service Master - Austria

Service Master is a collection of some of the best local companies and service providers you need on a daily and regular basis. We bring all these necessary services to one place for your convenience and to build a trusted brand between our providers and customers....

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Solux Power - Austria

Get Unplugged Today - Solux Power brings the best prices in the market for both off-grid and on-grid solar solutions.
We try to help our customers get the best value for their money and get closer to being completely energy sufficient.

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Artisian Homes

We Think Inside The Box.
Artisian Homes is a non-profit consulting company which is passionate about building houses with shipping containers.
We help people regarding their design, material and technique to hopefully help them build their dream home.

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Business Consultancy Group
Arynox can help make new plans to launch products with detailed marketing campaigns or establish new businesses. Our IT Professionals can help with infrastructure or launch new software or apps.

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The International Food Market is an online international market where it is our aim to bring people and cultures together by gathering everyone in one place.
Click, CLick, Cook